Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I've been begging a friend to let me post this sex tape for months!  He finally relented and sent me one of two videos I wanted to post.  The other video is almost entirely dark (all thats visible is the top of his erection on a black field) to compliment the pervasive "white" in the video above.  I want to make my own version. . . a short snippet of cum shooting across pristine white sheets-- like white on rice.  Cum on sheets.   

For very obvious reasons, the video reminded me of Kasimir Malevich and the Russian Suprematists. . . and minimalist painter Robert Ryman.  

Kasimir Malevich, "White on White" 1918

Robert Ryman, "sin título", 1968-1987


  1. Hmmmm ... I can't help wondering if the Malevich reference is pitching a little high to the boys who check in here because they want to lick your feet. But if you encourage a fashion for Constructivist porn, fine by me.

  2. Have an enlarged copy of the Malevich work in the background as you film three scenes of you with someone very white like 'Riley Price'. Scene 1) You eat his ass followed by variations on theme. White skin in motion against the stationary Malevich... Scene 2) You fuck his ass. The white asses are prominent in the shots. Scene 3) Standing, he fucks your ass but the main shot is of his back; you are standing bent forward. Cum flies across the backdrop from both cocks (or more). You both dissolve into the Malevich.... You'll make a mint, Colby.