Monday, January 31, 2011


Need a hot cup o' Kenny

In addition to a house full of incredible gourd art, Jai Sheronda also maintains a collection of erotic coffee mugs by artist Andrew DeWitt.  "Gothic Spank" and "Daisy Chain" are my favorites.  Who needs cream! 


Jai's portrait of Kenny from today's drawing circle. 


Andrew Wyeth "The Clearing"

I finally had a chance to see "Hide/Seek: Difference And Desire in American Portraiture" at the American Portrait Gallery this past weekend, an exhibition caught in the headlines recently when Republican politicians strong-armed the Smithsonian into removing a controversial video by gay artist David Wojnarowicz.  You can watch the whole video (and an edited version with music) HERE.

The exhibit brings together some obvious queer artists like Andy Warhol, AA Bronson, Jack Pierson, Felix Gonzales-Torres, Catherine Opie, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Georgia O'Keefe and throws in a couple of surprises like minimalist icon Agnes Martin, famed American painters and darlings of middle-America Andrew Wyeth (Christina's World) and Grant Wood (American Gothic) as well as Dada god Marcel Duchamp and the famed turn-of-the-century painter John Sargent Singer.  Phallic dot diva Yayoi Kusama also performed gay weddings! 

The exhibit focuses on the double lives lived of artists, poets and musicians, familiar to anyone queer enough to notice as well as the implicit yearning of an audience eager to see its desires and political aspirations represented.  At times it felt a bit like the purpose of the show was to "out" queer artists, many of whom are dead.  Framing any exhibition of queer history will inevitably hit the closet door.  The curators do a good job of implying desire rather than naming names.  Still, I couldn't help but draw a clear parallel to "Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera Since 1870" currently at SFMOMA.  As I learned from Hide/Seak, "spy" meant "homo" in the early twentieth century.   

 Lyle Ashton Harris " Brotherhood, Crossroads, Etcetera" 

Thomas Eakins "Salutat"

Grant Woods "Arnold Comes of Age"

Cass Bird "I Look Just Like My Dad"

Jack Pierson "Self Portrait #28"

Paul Cadmus "What I Believe"


I only have my shitty camera phone, but you should still be able to find the joke.  Early photo-journalist Henri Cartier-Bresson (known for his work in Life Magazine) had some fun with this one. . . From the recent exhibition of his work at SFMOMA.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Accompanied by "Friend of Colby" and "Friend of the Oppressed Working People of the World" Comrade Karl Marxxx, Comrade Colby Keller inspires class consciousness with a song composed at the Lovegrove Alley Artists' Collective in the Democratic People's Republic of Baltimore.

In an ideal world, two competing sets of dancers would perform the song (in the video I play both roles).  One troupe representing farmers, factory workers or more contemporary members of the proletariat (porn actors?) faces off against a devious cabal of bankers, stock brokers and other capitalist PIGS (as my oinking would indicate).  Midway through the song the workers realize that they can control the means of production through collective organizing.  Tearing off their jumpers and overalls to reveal sparkly red bodysuits-- united arm in arm-- they wrangle the capitalists to the ground and convince them to shed their business suits for red unitards.  Yay!  All is made right in the world. . . The lion lies down with the lamb.  The END.  Now we just need to figure out global warming.  Anyone want to help Comrade Keller write another song?


I guess this gives a third meaning to "blow your wad". . .

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Evidence of my affection for the newly discovered Japanese cream puff chain Beard Papa's.


I'm a sucker for just about anything sweet and creamy.  I recently had the chance to experience this Japanese dessert sensation in San Francisco.  While I'm skeptical of most food fads, let me just tell you that these extraordinary cream puffs blow cupcakes out of the water!  I ate 5!!!!


Blog reader Roi sent in this great portrait of Colby as a redhead.  (I don't want to spoil anyone's fantasy but I'm actually a brunette)  If only I could perform in animated porn!  Hehe.  I could even easily have a 12 inch firehose!  Or turn into a Poke-me-mon!


I found this beauty walking the streets of San Francisco early one morning. . . Circuit City goes bankrupt and makes art. . . inadvertently. 

Friday, January 28, 2011


Anyone want to help poor Colby get to the Cybersocket awards in LA on Feb 7th?  I've been many things in my life, but never "very important".  If I mean soooo much to them you'd think they'd score me a plane ticket!  :-((


I like to save the best position for last.

If you are anywhere near Melbourne Australia, don't forget!  TRØUGH is tomorrow!  Remember to bring your American Apparels (with fresh cock-cuts) and ping pong paddles boys.


Ever wonder where Colby keeps his dirty laundry?


Four eyes are better than one.  Found in Ft. Mason National Historic Landmark, San Francisco, CA. 


As you may know, nothing may be hotter to Colby that creativity.  One of my favorite things about the internet is its ability to foster collective creativity among strangers (copy-cat videos on youtube are a great example).  This February 3rd nakedpicturesofyourdad is having a birthday.  In honor of the momentous occasion I've been asked to submit a picture of a silver-fox I find sexy.  You know me. . . I can't just submit ONE picture!  I found this chain of photos online where participants altered an image of dad taking a bath.  The luminescent piss tub above may be my favorite from the series.  Its a beautiful image.  What a better way to celebrate your birthday than getting piss drunk and taking a long slow, warm bath.  Dad knows how to do it right.