Monday, January 17, 2011


For all strict tops out there who can't seem to get past their second sphincter, there is apparently a real Tantric technique called anal breathing to help encourage an expanded sexuality.  According to Knut Holt there are at least three good anal breathing exercises, each involving the following basic formula:

Breath out.

Then breath inn deeply while relaxing all the muscles you do not need for the breathing.

Then breath out. When breathing out, squeeze your anal muscles and pull your anal opening as deeply inward as you can. However do not strain when squeezing. This exercise should not be exhausting.
After breathing out, relax your anal muscles again.


  1. Two hours a day. That's nothing, why I've made a full time job of making love to myself. Forty hours a week at least

  2. hahhahha! My question is, how does one perform these anal breathing exercises? Are there toys involved? I need more specifics.. lol