Wednesday, January 26, 2011



While in Tennessee visiting my good bud Kenny, I had a chance to meet his friend Jai, who lives nearby on a local queer commune called Aweemaway.  Jai lives by himself in a converted barn above the goat stables.  Every week he hosts a drawing circle.  I got to participate in two!  In addition to drawing and documenting all of the special guests that come in and out of Aweemaway and the nearby Radical Faerie Sanctuary, Jai also makes lamps and sculpture out of gourds he grows himself.  

Baltimore has a fantastic museum devoted to artists like Jai, the American Visionary Art Museum.  Its about time Jai get his own one man show!  Take note of the phallic painting by muralist Noah Church (also a frequent Sanctuary guest), Colby's new boots (officially inaugurated with farm labor), and the Lenin gourd urn.  If I die anytime soon I think I want my ashes kept in that!  Jai also names many of his lamps with titles like: Jupiter's Muse, Santurn Retirns, Project Pluto, Moonument to Nanct Fae and Sole Meo.  If I were a wealthy man I'd certainly buy a few.  The gourd with the dagger is my favorite.  Its a self-portrait of Jai himself.  The Boy Scout paraphernalia is his own.  He also has an incredible collection of handmade homoerotic mugs!  Nothing keeps Colby warm like a daisy chain within grasp! 


  1. hey colby all of this looks amazing!! there should be a reply to your email in your inbox, let me know the details so i can get in touch with the homies down south! sam

  2. Didn't The Knack write a song about him?

  3. Thanks you for these photos! This man's work is amazing.