Sunday, January 16, 2011


After getting back home from my stay in Tennessee I received an email from blog reader Dan, blank save a single link, an obituary on the Butt Magazine blog for queer artist Stephen Irwin, who lived close enough to Tennessee in the neighboring state of Kentucky.

Stephen used vintage porn as source material, erasing and obscuring the image to invoke "a more suggestive and expansive erotic landscape of tenderness and perversion, intimacy and lust, chastity and lasciviousness."  I would also indicate the evanescent quality of life itself present in his work.  We all are eventually erased from the page.  How poignant that the instrument which brings us into the world should also speak to our exit.

Irwin is represented by Invisible-Exports in New York.  His work will appear in several upcoming shows: at the Cincinnati Art Museum January 29th, the Allegra LaViola gallery in NYC February 2nd, Vox Populi in Philladelphia in April and Gallerie Roepke in Cologne, Germany January 14th.

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