Monday, January 17, 2011


What would you bring to a pot-luck dinner at a queer commune in rural Tennessee?  How about ants-on-a-log cookies with real celery.  A bit of desperate experimentation, these cookies actually turned out pretty damn well.  I just wish the celery bits inside would have kept crunchy. 

Just to add a few extra bonus points to the gay meter, I also made my very first soufflé.  Such a beauty!  A perfect golden dome of puffy eggy goodness.  In a mad hungry rush I failed to snap a pic before it was gone.  Guaranteed good forearm workout for all you gym rats and a hell of a lot of protein for a dessert (only a 1/3 a cup of sugar and 7 farm fresh eggs!). 

My last day on the farm we decided to celebrate.  But what to drink when the shelves are bare?  Winter is the lean season afterall. . . Our tasty solution: coconut milk, rum, fresh snow, and a drizzle of honey.  I highly recommend it.  If only the Donner party had been so lucky.


  1. Apparently the secret to keeping the celery crunchy would be to freeze it prior to the baking. Then (hopefully) the cookie around it cooks, as well as the celery to a certain but lesser extent.
    ..Maybe? :D

  2. have touched a few times on your experience as a wwoof but I am wondering if you would do a longer blog blurb on it. What was it like? What was a typical day? I know your friend was going but how did you end up there?

  3. Was this the Radical Faerie farm in TN?

  4. I am rather desperate to know the recipe you used for your ants-on-logs cookies. A cursory examination of the internets has given me no usable information on such a genius idea. If you email it to me I may share embarrassing (possibly artistic!) information with you in exchange.

    bracteata at

  5. Hi Gwyneth. Its near the Radical Faerie Sanctuary in TN. There are several queer communes and farms around Short Mountain. . . More to come soon, once I get home and have a chance to write.