Thursday, January 13, 2011


These are not stills from my latest porno.  This is Colby really doing work!

I apologize to anyone who sent me email last week.  I just got back from working as a wwoofer in Tennessee with "Friend of Colby" Kenny.  I also apologize for not looking my best in the photos above.  Contrary to appearances, it was freezing outside!  I took off my shirt for a quick photo-shoot and did indeed spend most of the day chopping wood.  I even helped fell a tree.  Four chords of wood!  Hurrah!  All set for the blizzard to come:

Kenny getting ready to slide down a deceptively steep hill with Sugarbear, one of the farm's two goat dogs. 


  1. "Friend of Colby" KennyJanuary 13, 2011 at 11:00 PM

    oh hey i know that guy!

  2. i see "Friend of Colby" Kenny found a J-O-B (or wwoofing at least).

    jealous as hell that looks amazing - congrats to Kenny and thanks for the brief photoshoot!

  3. i really don't know what i'd do if you showed up at my farm

  4. It's like an american kibbutz.

  5. Knowing it was so cold makes your photos even more of a gift to the fans. Thanks for braving the chill for some fun pics. :) Looks like you guys got lots of work done. Kudos!