Tuesday, September 20, 2011


In anticipation of the second anniversary of Big Shoe Diaries, we're reposting some of our favorite posts from Big Shoe Diaries.  If Colby were found to be a cylon, planted among the non-bitches to intuitively lead them and the rest of the 16 Missing Bitches to a fabled planet far from home, this might be what some of his wanted poster sketches looked like.


If you thought I wear glasses because I have piss-poor vision you're wrong.  They actually focus my laser beam-cyborg left eye.  Philly resident and artist Jeffrey likes to think my secret at the gym is aluminum tubing.  Above are pics he drew of the real Colby: half human/half terminator.  Full frontal fucking assault! 

Below, more conventional Colby art.  The second drawing is of Colby and Parker London, from dominicford.com.


This is Jeffrey above and a few more of his naughty drawings. . . It would be cool to see multiple cyborgs fucking, penetration causing them to combine into new super-structures.  Transformer sex!  Anyone think they could draw that?  Animation maybe?

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