Sunday, January 9, 2011


I've never actually taken steroids, but if I did I imagine I'd look something like Hank the superhero above, minus the piercing blue eyes of course.

Thanks to Johnny for passing this along.  ROAR! 

What do you think my super-powers would be??  Besides the obvious roid rage?


  1. I'd seen this drawing months ago, but just the top half (so no X-Men belt), and honestly thought this was a picture of you (or at least inspired by you)

    Great to understand the context, finally!

    A de-Furred Hank McCoy... who'd a thunk...

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  3. Oh man, I googled this artist's work and he has many other amazing pics just like this one, ironically he used the UFC fighter Matt Hughes as a refernce, CLEARLY Colby's got a much hotter body than Matt Hughes though

  4. Hot DAMN I got a mention in the blog :)
    I did a double take when I first saw it, thinking that it WAS based off of Colby. Made me laugh...and then touch myself..

  5. You have the power to make me fall hopelessly in love with you (cheestastic, but true)
    Also you fuck like a beast!

  6. Daddy Colby spews his super baby batter to put out forest fires. California would love a super hero like that.

  7. Oh, this is too f'ing hot. Henry McCoy is one of my favorite comic book characters. (darn, this is going to get me into rule34 again....)

    And yeah, there's some resemblance. How awesome would it be if my favorite porn star played my favorite superhero. You could totally play a young in that Young X-men film or something. XD

    (daydreams of James McAvoy and Colby on the same screen)