Tuesday, February 1, 2011


 Jai Sheronda's portrait of Colby

While I spent a week wwoofing at a farm in Tennessee, I had the great pleasure to participate in not one but TWO drawing circles with gourd artist Jai Sheronda.  One bright sunny winter day I had the opportunity to draw, on the other I provided the model.    

The first three images are of me.  The last two belong to "Friend of Colby" Kenny.  For my drawing of Kenny, I randomly selected four utensils from a box: a colored pencil, charcoal, a pastel and a highlighter. . . Admittedly, it came out a bit muddy, but I'm told my portrait bears a strong resemblance to Jesus.

 A portrait of Colby by Greg, à la Max Beckmann

 Kenny's rendition of Colby, with scarf

 Jai's portrait of Kenny

My portrait of Kenny.  


  1. Good stuff. I've never seen Jesus personally, but I'm sure the resemblance is uncanny. Why not have a drawing circle closer to home? There are 1 or 2 of us artistes here in the NYC area you know. ;-)

  2. Y'all are very talented. All my years of drawing and I'm still trying to master shading! *laughing*

  3. colby-nice work! your drawing of kenny has an intense yet peaceful feel, and maybe that is why people compare it to what we believe jesus looked like.