Friday, January 7, 2011


Located in Palaau State Park on the island of Molokai (also known for its leper colony), the "Kaule o Nanahoa" or phallic rock has been worshiped by Hawaiians for generations.  "Friend of Colby" Chris visited Hawaii for the holidays and sent back these pics of the famous rock-hard rock. 

According to the website the site commemorates the ancient act of spousal abuse:

"The male fertility god, Nanahoa, lived nearby. His wife, Kawahuna, caught him admiring a young girl who was staring at her reflection in a pool. The wife attached the young girl, yanking her hair. Nanahoa was outraged and struck his wife who rolled down the cliff and turned into stone. Nanahoa himself then turned into stone in the form of .... what else?! Throughout the ages, barren women would bring offerings and spend the night at this site in hopes of conceiving a child. Women still come here with their offerings and pray for fertility. Other stones in the area are carved to represent female genitalia. These rocks were then taken home to make the land fertile. Phallic petroglyphs can also be seen on some rocks to the north of the Phallic stone. A beautiful ironwood forest surrounds this area, coating the ground with its long needles and creating a mood of peace and spirituality"

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