Friday, January 7, 2011


Bryan recently ran out of expensive printer ink, naturally foiling his ability to print off Colby Kokigami.  Stuck on Route 66, the undocumented spouse of a Don't Ask hero, Bryan is a long cry from civilization (though apparently close to two Chipotle).  A trip to Staples takes at least a fortnight and two mules. To improvise, Bryan decided to make his own BigShoes iPad app (unfortunately not a programmed app).  Not that I would know what any of that means.  Santa didn't come through for Colby this year.  My long-wished-for iPad is nothing but a solid sheet of coal.  I'm holding out for an embedded cam anywho.  Thanks Bryan!  Give your hubby a big wet one for me.  And congrats. 


  1. You are in desperate need of an app!

    But my advice, skip the iPad altogether. The new DROID tablet that Motorola introduced at CES this week sh*ts all over it. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

  2. Better off skippin iAnything if you ask me..... but back on topic - I do believe that somehow could void your warranty. ;-)