Saturday, January 22, 2011


I love a man who knows how to cry.

I dedicate this song to the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican John Boehner.

. . . From the Queen of Vagina!  Queen of Genitalia!  Queen of Promiscuous!  Majela ZeZe Diamond! 

Thanks to blog reader and STUD George for passing this along.  You can tickle my vagina any day. 

To the rest of you, I dedicate my favorite Majela ZeZe Diamond hit: "Whip My Vagina and Fuck My Pussy"!  You should know by now how much I like to spank.  Even better than "Bill Clinton Get Your Dick Out of My Pussy". . . Va vava va va va vag va va vaga vag va ina vagin vaga vaga va vag va va


  1. She is my new favorite. Are you familiar with Alexis K. Tylor's "Vagina Power"?

  2. Oh yes! I am very familiar with Alexis K Tylor's "Vagina Power". How do you think I learned all my sexin' skillz?

  3. LOL, just when you thought you'd seen everything worth seeing on the interweb! I wish I'd known about this one in time to send out with my Xmas ecards:

  4. What kills me is the graduation picture on the wall in the back. IDK if it's her or not, but the idea of singing such songs in front of it is hilarious to me.

    And oh, lord, I had forgotten about Vagina Power.

    also, yay! a reply from Kells!

  5. Klarth: As the YouTube comment says; It's proof she has a Ph.D. in Vagina.