Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Do you remember big-time Colby crush and "Guy with Glasses" Owen the Aussie?

I certainly haven't forgotten him. . .and he hasn't forgotten me.  A friend of Owen is throwing a big shin-dig in Melbourne at the end of the month.  Unfortunately, I am unable to attend.  Who knew tickets down under are so expensive!!!! 

Should you find yourself in Australia January 29th, the party is called TROUGH X, and will occur at Club80 Men's Cruise Club (Basement Dungeon), 4PM-1AM.  If you go take some pics for Colby!

The website has 2 galleries of fun photos with arousing thematic consistency . . .You know how much I like holes!  (I especially like the cut-out undies.)  If you get a little tired watching slide shows like me, fear not.  I will be re-posting the pics throughout the month.  Here is the first set.  Keep your eyes peeled for Owen.  Hirsute and handsome as ever, he will make an appearance in a few days. . .

Credit where credit is due: Nik Dimopoulos and John Tsiavis are responsible for the amazing photography, Glen Rollason, styling.  Enjoy!


  1. Good GOD! The guy in pictures 4 and 5 is perhaps absolutely almost perfect! Look at that gorgeous, masculine, handsome face! WOW. I would like to see him in just regular street clothes, jeans and sneaks and a tee.....or nothing at all. But DAMN, that is H O T!