Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Jumana Manna is my kind of artist, for all the assonance in her name and more.  Jumana is a Palestinian woman with a distinct homo-sensibility.  Based in Oslo, Sweden, Jumana currently attends an MFA program at CalArts.

"7 Men on a Vault" (photograph above and video immediately below) describes a gymnastics technique invented by Niels Bukh. . . "a homosexual Nazi collaborator in the 1920's.  This iconic gymnastics display is claimed to have been the symbol of Denmark at the time, and today remains the symbol of the Danish gymnastics, serving as a motif for the collective effort of men, characterized by balance, control and power."

Her homoerotic photographs in "The Shabab Series" (Shabab means youth) started when Jumana asked male friends to pose for her in their homes.  Later she approached men randomly "cruising" the street:


  1. I have to say I'm a slightly disappointed norwegian reader of your blog right now...
    I can report that we haven't been a part of Sweden for almost 106 years, actually. :)

    Oh well, nobody's perfect, and your blog is still one of the highlights of the day, in one way or another. ;)