Thursday, February 3, 2011


If you enjoyed Robert Burns Day, then you'll appreciate "Black Watch", and if you hated my Robert Burns Day post you will also appreciate "Black Watch", cause its pretty damn good.  I don't have the fortune to see much theatre, so its a rare treat when the opportunity arises (usually with the aid of friends with discount tickets).  Yesterday, a new friend, Corcoran School of Art professor and Pee-Wee Herman scholar, Bernard Welt invited me to see "Black Watch" at the Shakespeare Theater in Washington, DC.  

Describing an elite troupe of Scottish soldiers during the Iraq war, you can expect "Black Watch" to provide a lot of homoerotic tension for your viewing pleasure.  You will see shirtless boys and boys in their underwear.  The play is not porn though.  With humor, tears and a handful of impressive song and dance sequences, there is something for every homo.  If you live in the DC area, definitely take the time (and money) to see it.  With a limited two week engagement, it closes this weekend!   

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  1. Braw man! Everyone should see this - been well known in the uk for a few years & has toured extensively, well worth seein