Friday, February 18, 2011


Meet Marcelo.  A resident of Rio, he currently attends film school but not for reasons you might expect.  Marcelo confessed recently that he only goes to school for the perks.  He wants his own special jail cell if he ever gets arrested.  Not that he's planning on getting arrested.  But it's nice to be covered.

Who knew Brazil had special jail cells for filmmakers!  Now that's a documentary I'd like to see.  Or better yet, a porno.

Speaking of Brazilian docs, check out Manda Bala.  From frog farms to kidnapping, its definitely worth a rental (great soundtrack to boot). 

Marcelo spends his free time watching the American version of "The Office".  He also enjoys strumming his ukulele (not a metaphor, a real ukulele).  If you meet him on Skype he may just serenade you with a song.

The preview for "Manda Balla (Send a Bullet)".  Maybe this explains why Marcelo might want his own jail cell in Brazil:

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