Thursday, February 24, 2011


"Friend of Colby" Kenny mailed me a hilarious present today: "Butch Boys: Stories for Men Who Need it Bad".  He also enclosed this vintage photograph of butch boys on the farm in Tennessee who also apparently need it bad.

With chapter like "Elephant Men", "Alley Cats", "Polish Sausage", "Fuzzy" and my favorite "The Men of 152: The Voodoo Chile's Point of No Return . . . II", "Butch Boys" should prove to be a fun read indeed.

A randomly selected sample, chosen for your enjoyment, from a story called "Skin Pictures"by Kevin Beliele, page 154:

"Yeah!"  Abe groaned above me.  "I'm gunna cram my fuckin' nuts up your ass-- right there with my cock.  Shove it all in ya.  Then you're gunna kiss my pictures till we both cream."  He ground his hips into my backside, pushing his prick farther in as I strained to meet his thrusts.

I eased his balls into my ass, slowly, one at a time, his balls and cock sending waves through me, reaching into my guts, into my heart, sliding me over the edge.  "Yes, sir!" I moaned, "Deep inside me.  Now give me those tats."  I raised to meet him, my face at his eagle again, licking across his chest, kissing his spider.

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