Wednesday, February 2, 2011


In addition to being a bit of an olive-skinned Colby Doppelganger, a "Boy with Beard" and a "Guy with Glasses" the stud above, Tora, also belongs to a queer Italian art collective: Pornflakes.  If you find yourself anywhere near Milan your should check out their fun parties-- evidence of said fun (and Tora's butt), below. 

According to the group's manifesto, Pornflakes is "a nomadic entity occupying spaces, metabolizing them, approaching to the limit of the obscene as obscenum, outside the official scenic space, out of sight and beyond the commonly acceptable.  Pornflakes is a collective of gays and lesbians.  Perhaps representative of a reality deliberately on the margins of the institutional artistic contexts and practices."

So throw some Pornflakes in your balaclava and join the ranks of the WHORE-king Class!  


  1. Very nice.

    Hey, I should try to get my dad to submit some pics to your blog. He wears glasses, he has a beard, and he's Black/Italian so I'm pretty sure he has a sizable dingle, too. :3

  2. can you get this hot boy to post pictures of his tatties?

  3. Dayum, Colby, where you do you find these beautiful boys?