Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have a new favorite blog!

Bangable Dudes in History explores in ins and outs of "dead man porn for your still-beating heart."  This weeks selection includes the Douglas brothers: Lord Alfred Douglas, also know as "Bosie" was a poet and the notorious lover of Oscar Wilde.

His brother, Lord Drumlanrig, heir to the marquessate of Queensberry, died in a mysterious hunting accident after accusations circulated that he had been carrying on an affair with the Prime Minister, Lord Rosebery.  In an attempt to save his young son Alfred, the elder Queensberry began a public persecution of Oscar Wilde on charges of sodomy.  With Bosie's support, Wilde returned fire, accusing the elder Queensberry of libel.  Wilde lost his case, was found guilty of sodomy and was sentenced to two year's hard labor.

After his release, matters quickly deteriorated between Wilde and Lord Douglas.  Bosie returned from exile in France and married an heiress.  Known for his litigious and libelous career, Bosie accused associates of engaging in a homosexual plot to undermine the war effort.  Years after Wilde's death, Bosie also came to renounced his former friend and lover.  He was also found guilty of libeling Winston Churchill.  Bosie erroneously accused Churchill of enlisting in a "Jewish" plot to kill the Secretary of War.
There goes my boner.  What a bitch.

Thanks to Bigshoes reader Sam for passing on this link.

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