Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Maybe its because we're in winter? . . . Too little sunlight, too much spray-tan, but some of you bitches can really get bitchy.  Bitchy bitches that be bitchin' on my blog bitches

Most of you aren't bitches of course.  Most of you have been witty, thoughtful and generous.  Lately, however, I've noticed an uptick in nasty comments.  One post in particular had four!  Perhaps my mom was the only one to offer up this little pearl of wisdom: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."  I try to write a harmless little blog with the humble hope that I might entertain a few fellow travelers along the way.  Its not for every gay.  Please don't turn this into a sissy boy slap party.  There are enough blogs in the world filled with unnecessary bitterness and drama.  Is etiquette really too much to ask for?  I have feelings too.  And I don't slap.  I punch like a motherfucker.

Oh yes, and I'm currently writing the dickipedia entry for "anonymous".  At least have the balls to pony up a name. . . so I can google you and HUNT YOU DOWN!  :-)  Kisses. 


  1. LOL I love that your response to nasty comments includes a Guy Maddin "photoplay". Priceless proof of why j'adore Colby Keller! Hope my Franglish is OK by you. :)

  2. Just wanted to say, as a fellow traveler in Saint Louis, that I'm really grateful for this blog. You've introduced me to some interesting artists, which I really appreciate, and you've proved to me that boys with nice big things between their legs can also have nice big things between their ears.

    Keep on keepin' on... and thanks.

  3. There has been some bitchery around here lately. The comment about Sharia law absolutely killed me... and on an erotic ceramics post? Yikes.

    You run a nice blog Mister; very witty/intelligent and love your taste in art and film. Keep it up! Ignore the haters... or just delete them.

  4. I wish that all bitchy comments were as fun as Guy Maddin's short films; sorry that people don't follow your mom's advice. I love reading your blog.

  5. i'm sorry i didn't give to the shoe