Monday, February 7, 2011


San Francisco is such a classy place they even have an art museum in the airport!  The above exhibition of miniature souvenirs from the Grand Tour include such phallic wonders as:

1.  Monument to Dante
2.  Colonne du congrès
3.  Cleopatra's needle
4.  July Column
5.  Austerlitz Column
6.  Column of Marcus Aurelius
7.  Flaminian obelisk
8.  Siegessäule
9.  Luxor obelisk
10. Trajan's column
My all-time favorite would have to be the ironic phallic monument to the Virgin Mother: La colonna dell'immacolata.  Every December 8th, Pope Pius used to straddle the pole, climb to the top and spray the virgin with a garland of flowers.  Kinky Catholics.


  1. An improvement from when I moved to SF for a year in '97. I got off the plane to an exhibit of sculpted marzipan. Meh.

  2. Yeah, let's hear if for the French phallic columnns!! Eatcher hearts out..or, maybe better stated: stuff yer throats!

  3. I never saw such filth in my life. No wonder your blog comes with a warning.

  4. When were you in SF? I was there for business the 21st through the 28th. I was walking around Union Square last night and saw your doppleganger but he was much shorter than you (at least from how tall you look). He was no taller than 5'7" ish.

    It made me think though: "I wish I knew Colby in person and I wish he was out here because I am sure he would know what the hell to do"...I am such a country boy that I was almost over-inundated with the gay acceptance and "gay" things to do that I didnt know what to do in my short time there.