Friday, February 18, 2011


Is this a picture of the illusive Matrix that writes all of America's worst pop songs?   Curse be upon you! 

I saw this cardboard cutout at Taco Bell after I pulled over to use the bathroom.  Maybe its just the overwhelming urge I had to touch my own penis and relieve myself, but I had to take a second look when I saw this life-size ad next to the checkout.  At first, I thought someone had scrawled a crude cock on the poster.  What energy!  What urgency!  To dig a deep groove like that on cardboard!  While waiting in line for tacos!  Now THAT is an urge. 

Nope.  Just an engraved lacy sleeve.  Cause . . . that's not weird.   


  1. That looks like Lady Antebellum. They don't write all of America's worst pop songs, but they have written a ton of shitty country ones.

  2. It took a while for me to spot the penis in this one(dry contacts?). Finally I did and was like, "What am I, blind?" Impressive member!

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