Sunday, February 20, 2011


Images from a hand-carved Nepalese temple at the Hagenbeck zoo in Hamburg.  

Devoted to Lord Shiva, the temple includes several carved panels depicting explicit sex acts, including three-ways and lots of doggie style-- just the way the gods like it.  The zoo is famous for being the first in the world to insist on "natural" display enclosures rather than cages.  

In 1956, forty five rhesus monkeys escaped from the zoo and terrorized local Hamburglars.  Unsuspecting hausfraus came home to monkeys asleep in their bathtubs and bedrooms.  Several of the monkeys were seen in trees chattering back and forth, brandishing toothpaste and cosmetics they nabbed from unsuspecting residents.  Sounds a bit like Colby after a long winter pent up inside all day.    

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  1. LOL I've been to this zoo and really wish I'd seen this temple! Interesting, Wikipedia mentions the founder of the zoo also used to exhibit human collections in "human zoos". Yikes!!