Tuesday, February 15, 2011


More pics from Ed Davis State Park in Santa Clarita County outside LA.

The park was named for Republican state senator Edward M. Davis.  Davis also acted as Chief of Police for the LAPD from 1968-1979.  Under Davis's direction, the LAPD vice squad took particularly strong action against gays.  Among the vice squad's more egregious power-trips: Officers allegedly hung a young boy over a cliff in an effort to force him to reveal conspirators in a pedophilia ring.  In 1976, Davis and a gang of over 100 police officers raided a charitable "slave auction" held at a gay bathhouse, "freeing" the slaves and arresting participants for violating the 1899 anti-slavery law.   The City Council openly criticized the expensive stunt and no one was prosecuted.  

Had I known Davis had such a colorful history with homos I would have attempted something more adventurous on the trail named in his honor.  Instead I just took a bunch of pics with my cell phone. 

I climbed the cliff below to "insert" myself in the strange tube formation, which you can see in the "TAR AND KELLER" post.  This pic gives a little more perspective.  Don't worry, its not as steep as it looks.  I only hurt my pride.  Turns out park rangers don't appreciate mountain "re-birthing" ceremonies with naked gay boys. 


  1. What are re-birthing ceremonies with naked gay boys like?

  2. Lets just say it takes a lot of crisco and a pair of rubber boots.

  3. I had thought it had to do with new age stuff. Such an innocent guy I am!

    I like the word "crisco". Never heard it before.