Tuesday, February 15, 2011


You might just come across Colby anywhere.  Just ask Joe.

Joe passed Colby and friend JJ (of Penis Ennui) on an afternoon hike in Ed Davis Park outside Valencia, the home of California's most well-known art school, CalArts.  Joe currently attends CalArts and studies animation.  JJ himself used to hike Ed Davis as a student.  An invigorating two hour hike up a steep mountain and down again, Ed Davis has a wealth of incredible geological marvels to enjoy, including greasy tar pits, exposed sulfur boulders that make the surrounding trail reek of rotten eggs, and other fun rocky wonders, like the crazy compressed shale (?) cliff pictured below.  The Tataviam Indians used the naturally occurring asphalt for healing purposes.  If only we could convert the world's highways and parking lots to similar ends. 

No sooner had I finished plodding down the trail, returning to internet and civilization, Joe had sent me an email!  We didn't do much else but exchange an obligatory nod as we passed ships along the trail.  How funny.  Joe recognized me from Bigshoes!  He sent along a project he's been working on to share with readers.  Its a music video for the Belle Brigade's "Sweet Louise".  So cool!  An introduction to a talented young artist and a great new band I hadn't heard before.  You never know what will come down life's happy trail. . . .

Joe's video (A work in progress):


  1. 2 words, Beautiful and Awesome!!!


    Mike E
    aka Accidental Bear

  2. Colby, how do you walk in such tight pants?

    -Sean from Toronto

  3. Great pics, and you're wearing my favorite pair of your pants, too :p

  4. Wow, I didn't know you were in my town! Towsley Canyon is really beautiful. If you're ever in the area again, you should check out Vasquez Rocks.