Monday, February 7, 2011


Ever since a pickpocket stole my wallet a few months back, I've been working with an improvised duct tape creation I made myself.  A very kind and thoughtful friend recently decided to rescue my now gunky (albeit brand new) driver's license and surprise me with an oragami tyvec happy-luckiness wallet.  If anyone is interested in a Colby Keller original, I'm taking bids now: 100% handcrafted! 100% black duct tape! 

FYI: I'm still in need of a replacement for my student ID if anyone can help.  I've had a couple amazing designers send in sketches but I lack the means to print them on plastic.  Any ideas?


  1. That is absolutely hideously fantastic. I would love to see the looks on peoples faces when you pull that out of your pocket.