Friday, March 4, 2011


I got more than I bargained for on my recent trip to Tahoe to film the 6th installment of the classic Falcon series "The Other Side of Aspen".

First off, I missed my connecting flight in Denver.  A man in Baltimore had to be escorted off my flight for refusing to check his bag.  The last to board the plane, the man demanded the flight attendant remove other people's luggage from the overhead compartment to store his oversized roller bag.  After an air marshall eventually managed to escort the man off the plane, he did an abrupt about-face, stormed down the jetway and tried to unlock the door!

Thankfully I managed to spend a restful evening in a complimentary Denver hotel with enough time in the morning to admire Denver's beautiful airport canopy (built to resemble the rockies).  On my flight to Reno, I met a recent Marine recruit 96in'.  With exactly 96 hour leave, the 20 year old marine had enough time to return home to Reno, marry his pregnant girlfriend, honeymoon in a rainforest themed casino, then hop back on a flight to North Carolina and his first tour of duty in Afghanistan.  I received an in-depth lesson on Marine hazing rituals and the finer distinctions between basic training at Ft. Pendleton in San Diego and Paris Island, South Carolina.

And yes, there are slot machines in the Reno airport.  I spent my first (and last) buck gambling.  No wins.  :-(


  1. If only I'd known you were in Denver....

  2. That's a lovely story about the Marine. Is it out of place to note that it'd make an awesome plot for a porn movie in itself?
    Open with intercut scenes of Colby having incredibly hot sex with hot bf, rushing through so he doesn't miss the flight to his glamorous location porn shoot, and Marine getting send-off from his buddies on his way to quickie wedding and honeymoon (film reference: "Kansas City Trucking Co."); Colby and Marine find themselves in hotel bar, drinking away unexpected layover; flashback to Marine's amazing tales of hazing rituals; then grinning Marine asking stunned Colby, "So just what do you do for a living, pal?" and after Colby fills him in, drawling, "Wellll, there *is* one thing I always thought I'd try before I settled down . . . "
    It's "The Other Side of 'The Other Side of Aspen,'" meta-porn spectacular.

  3. I think somebody needs to start writing screenplays! You've got me excited.