Tuesday, March 15, 2011


In addition to the commemorating the anniversary of Julius Caesar's disastrous final knife orgy, the Ides of March signals the end of the Colby Keller/He-man art contest, benefiting "Skeletor Saves" and homeless GLBT youth.  

So far, I've received some amazing submissions.  Only one person mailed me a physical drawing, so I may have to readjust my plans to make a small book for the art auction.  To that end, I will still accept new submissions (til the end of the week for the art auction), to infinity and beyond if you'd like your drawing to appear on the blog.  Send your art, drawing or otherwise, here: bogshoediaries@gmail.com.  

A He-man themed poem or song might also make a great addition.  

The last drawing above is from artist Fagedyfaz.  Incredible!  I'm so impressed by the ridiculous amount of talent possessed by my readers, I find it hard composing an adequate compliment.  When in doubt, promotion seems the surest bet.  Check out more of Fagedyfaz's killer drawings at his BLOG and WEBSITE.  You can also see additional samples of his erotic work below: 


  1. Did you get the package I sent you? I sent out a while ago so it should have arrived by now.

  2. You are the one and only Jeff. Thank you. The drawing and painting look amazing.