Thursday, March 17, 2011


Samuel would like to reassure us that he's not merely a "boy" with beard.  He's a man.  Samuel avoids the gym.  He gets his workout from beach bike rides every morning and a 2KM ocean swim.  He reads loads and sees a lot of bands.

Like Colby, Samuel has a tendency to live out of his backpack (I never empty mine).  For the moment, he finds himself in the country that is also a continent: Australia.  Trained as an architect, Samuel works as a graphic designer and occasional writer.  Currently, he's finishing up work on a book about "post-traumatic cities".  Appropriately enough, he plans on returning to NYC soon.  Homeless and jobless upon his return, he will find comfort in the few worldly possessions he left to languish in a small storage locker in the city: a heap of books, records, clothes and two pillows  (one for himself and one for a visiting porn-star).  I can see the porno now: "The Prodigal Son Returns".  Samuel opens his storage locker to find a startled, scantily-clad bum (played by Colby Keller) sprawled across the empty cardboard boxes.  :-)

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  1. Great text!
    Is your backpack always ready for action? It's been a while since I've last traveled that way, but my youth hostel spirit will always remain.
    Like your friend, I'm also changing my vocation: from engineer to photographer. In fact, I never really considered myself an engineer. Physics and Maths are ugly to me. Chemistry and Biology related university subjects weren't that bad.
    But today, I'm so much more an artist than a technical guy or a sales manager.