Friday, March 25, 2011


From a March 5th performance in San Francisco to raise funds for "Big Joy", a documentary about Radical Faerie bard James Broughton.  I recommend skipping the intro and starting at about the 2 minute mark.  Thanks to crochet foreskin connoisseur Jack Davis.    


  1. saw K.H. for the first time this past january in a performance piece about/around Joseph Beuys, at the "Realness" performance festival in nyc. He was really good. Loose and disjointed, but whacks you upside the head at the end, kinda like the end of the video here, very moving. The piece I saw was about an hour long or so, wide ranging in thought and visuals, a schematic history of philosophy, shamanistic ritual, and contemporary lip synching. Great.

  2. Thanks for posting this.
    I like the first part of the video. Of course I'm biased because I produced the Big Joy event, but there is nothing wrong with a little historical context for a bunch of nearly naked men passionately chanting 'cocksucker.'
    I think Keith Hennessy is amazing.