Saturday, March 5, 2011


After spending a weekend in Tahoe and time on a farm in Tennessee, I can't stop fantasizing about a big log cabin to call my own. . .

OK.  So this building may actually be a library, but I'm used to sleeping between bookshelves.  Located 25 miles north of Knoxville, Tennessee, the library is named for the Harlem Renaissance poet (and likely homosexual) Langston Hughes.  Formerly situated on property owned by "Roots" author Alex Haley (whose ancestors first touched American soil at nearby Annapolis, MD), the library enshrines an extensive collection of African-American literature.  The property is currently maintained by the Children's Defense Fund.

Combining the architectural logic of a traditional southern corn crib and dog-run cabin, the library was conceived by noted architect and artist Maya Lin.  You know Lin for her controversial design of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC (by far the most effective and moving monument in the city).  Maybe one day, with luck, she will design the Colby Keller Memorial Porn Vault?  


  1. Colby, main title: Hughes spelled without the "e"
    Sorry to be picky. good article. mwg

  2. Such fantastic photography, I have to start visiting when I'm a bit more sober. Colby is sexy.

  3. So cool! Maya Lin's stuff is awesome, very sensitive to her sites and the histories behind them. I wonder if you've seen her in the 'Art:21' series; if you haven't watched those DVD's I bet you'd love them! She is in one of the episodes and is totally eloquent and confident.

    p.s. I will write a soundtrack to be played in your vault, listening music for 'browsing your stacks', if you will.