Thursday, March 10, 2011


Urban farming doesn't get much better than the Lefferts house in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.  The Lefferts were a prominent Dutch farming family way back when Brooklyn was still "Breuckelen", and wheat, not irony was the chief export.  Welcome to New York City, where every house comes stocked with a costume closet filled to the brim with homespun haute couture.  Sometimes they don't even lock the front door.

Lessons in scarf-to-loincloth conversion at the Lenape village wigwam:  


  1. Love that chest Colby.

  2. Have you thought of doing period porn? I, ahem, wouldn't mind coming in to advise on costume drama.

    Confession: I don't have an extensive knowledge of history, but I passed Western Civ with high marks.

  3. You seem to be poised half-way between "Good morrow to ye, Master Wheelwright," and "Howdy, pardner."

    I miss gay porn historical costume dramas.

  4. Hot! Hot! Hot!

    I love the period drama, as well. Would love to see a gay Pride and Prejudice. Colby would make a delightful Mr. Bingley.

    (One thing that destroys the illusion, for me at least, is seeing tattoos in period Porn. I love tattoos, though. Just not in my historical "drama".)

    xo j.

  5. J's idea is brilliant: a gay "Pride and Prejudice"!! Colby, you really look amazing in these pics.

  6. Serving colonial realness.