Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Tyler describes himself as masculine, genuine and farm raised.  He lives in Vancouver and writes his own comic-strip, "free gay toons for gays that ain't gay".  Lets just hope he never has to add Colby's name to the thought bubbles in the cartoon below.  You can see more of his comic-strip HERE.

For all of you research fiends out there you may also know Tyler by his own brief porn moniker, "PFC Peter Rovno" from malecorp.com.

What can I say, not all porn actors are perfect:

. . . And PFC Peter Rovno:


  1. For all of you research fiends out [THEIR] you may also know Tyler by his own brief porn moniker, "PFC Peter Rovno" from malecorp.com.

    [THEIR] should be there. Sorry, its a compulsive grammar correction tick that I have.

  2. ahh.... [ITS] should be [it's]. Now I'm really sorry. Blush.

  3. That tattoo is amazing, along with his bum!

  4. Don't apologize for knowing which word is which ... and Yes, that tattoo Is amazing in the truest sense of the word.

  5. Thanks for your vigilance Jay! This is what happens when you write a post late at night with a few beers in your tummy. Corrections will be made.

  6. Beautiful fuzzy butt and beautiful tattoo. Colby, isn't an interview in order? We want to know more about young Tyler after checking out his comics.

  7. Gosh, flattered to find myself here. I guess Colby's sorta a big deal (besides in the most literal sense) , as I was reminded of my inclusion in here when friends told me they read Big Shoe regularly, and came across me.

    The cartoon's based on a group of very interesting shit-disturbers and cage-rattlers that I try to keep up with in Vancouver - I just run behind them with my li'l book.

    The cartoon's site is pretty primitive (sorry about that), but if you scoot around it for a bit, your sure to find something transgressive, sorta ridiculous, or massively hung.

    Heading out now to explore Big Shoe - thanks for the props, Colby....

  8. Is Tyler on twitter??