Sunday, March 20, 2011


Colby Confession: I was so afraid of getting caught masturbating as a kid, I mastered the art of coitus interruptus (in my case, by pressing down on the shaft of my cock as I hit orgasm, to keep the cum from leaving my testicles).  I'm lucky I don't suffer any permanent damage.  America, however, can't say the same.  The top 1% of the top 1% of the top 10% of income earners (all 400 of them) and their protected interests have been fuckin' with my earning potential for too damn long now.  Destroying collective bargaining and the power of unions, a force of historic proportion that functions as one of the only effective pressure points to help shape middle class income (unionized and otherwise), is only one of the more recent re-incarnations of failed economic strategy meant to strip the majority of their wealth and hand it, reverse Robin Hood style, to the super-rich.  "Puck" got the shit straight in 1909!  There is no reason we all can't bust a nut.  A billion brilliant orgasms or one GIGANTIC platinum wad for a handful of billionaires?  I, for one, am not about to return to my childhood.  Ain't no yachtfucker or Koch brother gunna keep my orgasm down! 



  1. Colby, I would have thought that you - as a professional - would know that cum comes from your prostate, not your testicles. Testicles provide only sperm - much less than 1% of the volume of your wad.
    Now if sex workers unionized, they might be able to have some influence! How'd you like to be a shop steward? ;-)

  2. On a side note...your opening photo is fantastic...I may have mentioned this...

  3. hi fron london.


    Nestor Londonizer

  4. Unions are special interests, let's not forget that. And if U.S. automakers are any example, they (unions) suck the competitive life out of once vibrant industries when left unchecked. One man's collective bargaining power is another man's cost-inflating albatross. It's all relative, and it all depends on which lens you're looking through.

  5. Damn, I forgot to mention how much I dig your body. Your vid with Patrick from seancody is, like, on every device I own.