Monday, March 28, 2011


Wrist thick and ready for the chopping block.  

Thanks to blogreader Dan for sending these along.  Is that cum on the concrete in the second pic?  You can't convince me otherwise.  You're such a dirty boy Dan!  I can see you now: Casually ripping off your silly band, rolling it between your thumb and forefinger.  Suddenly something about it seems familiar in a new, unexpected way.  A phallic epiphany?  An erotic doppelgänger?  A visual double entendre?  You begin to feel your pants tighten.  Gently, you place the silly band on the curb, unzip and pull out your enormous erect cock.  Chop!  Chop!  Chop!  So turned on by your discovery you cum in seconds!  

Then you snap a pic for Colby.  

:-))  I know your secrets.   

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  1. hi a big fan of you n also got some pics for the i see penis...would u like to see them...write me back