Wednesday, March 23, 2011


For those of you with some variation of i-whatever-touch screen pads, you've likely already had many conversations both digitally and socially about the mistakes in communication that arise when the autocorrect software on your device changes words and thus the meaning of your intended message. Pophangover founder Jillian Madison posted a great collection sexy mistypes today at the Huffingtonpost that got me thinking: Why does autocorrect tend towards words that are randier than others?
I did some minor snooping online and couldn't find much about the technology behind Apple's touch screen autocorrect software, but my guess is that it pushes users towards more commonly used words and phrases, which would explain the dirty defer-ings. Gays, teens and slutty urban heteros have been banging out s-ext messages to each other for years now, likely embedding a hefty amount of sexy "lean to" into the predictive software.

I remember encountering similar problems (or opportunities) with T9 text prediction on my very first phone with predictive texting. I spent a lot of unexpected dead time toggling between "cycle" and "awake" and on the dirty side between "cock" and "anal" (this was before I had a phone with sudoku).

But I digress, we're in a new era and touchpads with autocorrect software are leading us pervertedly forward, tapping into the collective subconsciousness of Kevin Kelly's technium and reminding us that sex is digital, sex is fun, sex is best when it's 1-0-1.


Oh yeah, and feel free to share with Big Shoe Diaries any "best of" stories in which a mis-corrected text implied something you hadn't intended...and what it led to.


  1. I really don't believe some of these because ladybits is not part of the phone's dictionary and can only be used if she constantly says ladybits. I also tried with my phone and herpes does not even come up when i try to spell herpes! HERO comes up and herpes never does. The same thing with boning. Once you get to bon - the phone asked if wanted bonding to be the word. Bahloney!

    I hate to be a Debbie Downer but these are prolly more than not made up and not actual texts to their dads with spellcheck changing girl scout meeting to gang bang orgy with dildoes.


    Your pal in Chicago,


  2. I was talking to a friend of mine about another friend and meant to put 'he has a very special place in my heart.' It wasn't until after a very awkward questioning section that I saw that it said 'very sexual place in my heart'.

    Ha! It was awesome, but really awkward for a few days lol.