Saturday, April 9, 2011


With show titles like "Stockholm Syndrome", "Faggot Carnival" and "Prawns" ("a homosexual . . . with a smokin' hot body and an unfortunate head"), the work of artist Nolan Hendrickson is sure to titillate.  Reminiscent of abstract expressionist turned art-cartoonist Philip Guston and champagne guzzling 80's art star George Condo, Nolan's work brings a colorful queer nod back into figurative painting, with an added heap of humor to balance out the background noise: camp made classy, class made camp.  Nolan also helped piece together my recent appearance in the latest issue of ScumBagFagMag.  I'm a HUGE fan!  If I had more change in my piggy bank I'd definitely spring for a painting.  Trade you for a dirt pile drawing Nolan?   

Check out more of Nolan's work HERE.   

Nolan's booth at a recent art fair in Miami:

Some of Nolan early work, from the series "Feeling Appealing":

Nolan's paintings:


Rest Area

Gone Tanning

Soft N' Dry


  1. these are fantastic, cheers

  2. I met Nolan in the city when i lived there. His talent as an Artist is well worth the time spent looking. I love to fancy myself at the subject of rest area, seeing that i do have a wee tendency to wear clothes that art slightly to small in public rest areas. As a gay man, I find that his work brings out many of the experiences that i have lived through in almost the ideal of drama with distorted shapes, colors and juvenile subjects. I love his work.