Monday, April 4, 2011


I want to thank everyone who sent words of encouragement the last several days.  It has really meant a great deal to me.  Big hugs all around!!!  Its good to know that people appreciate pics of potato penises.  The "Babe in Beads" above, Nick, brought a special smile to my face with a fun series of pics attached in his email.  

I know its hard to believe, but I do have my flaws.  I can be easily offended (especially when I think I'm doing what's right).  Remember, I'm a sensative artist too.  I also have really high blood pressure. That combined with an aversion to bitchiness doesn't make a good cocktail.  I'm happy to say after a weekend of cocktails (and cock in tail) I'm ready to return.  

I'm back, I'm stacked, and I won't take flack!  


  1. Groov-tastic! If I'd known that all you needed was pics of a sexy dood in undies & roller blades...oh, never mind, I think we all knew that. ;-) Welcome back!

  2. I was in Paris while your blog-site had some kind of drama (still can't figure out what happened, and it's not important). I was truly dismayed to read that you were thinking of hanging up your jock on the blog-site, Colby.

    All I can tell you is, this is one of two sites that I check daily (yours and Joe Gage)...would be very disappointed if you pulled the plug. There's simply not another website out there that has such a unique combination of sex appeal and flair. I love being introduced to new artists as much as the occasional Colby pic.

    I vote that you keep the site running. Let your fans know how we can support you and keep Big Shoe Diaries alive. Do you need cash donations, etc.? What kinds of incentives can we offer?

  3. Love you being back Colby. Keep it up buddy. You're amazing.


    And some nice cock in the tail always makes the world seem better.

  5. Welcome back! Don't ever leave us again.

  6. I'm glad you're back. I would have been sad.
    I would totally have sent an encouraging note, but I found out about all this pretty much after the fact. Real life drama and I was behind on my blogs. (I'm kind of a lame RL friend, too....)

    Hang in there, favorite porn actor!