Saturday, April 30, 2011


With a long, rubbery rostrum that closely resembles man's best friend and a smile that belies a seemingly permanent pleasant disposition, the dolphin can count itself lucky as one of the earth's few "charismatic" megafauna: its cutesy good looks make it an easy sell to conservation weary audiences.  "Charismatic Megafauna" is also the name of Colby's new band. Good right?

If "The Cove" is too much to bear, I highly suggest everyone watch the following video.  Two unctuous textures find affection in one other: love crosses the species barrier.  Dolphins, like humans, are one of the few animal species that allegedly have sex for fun.  They've even been spotted in all male orgies. . . A handful of documented cases exist of dolphins attempting to mate with other mammals, including humans (click on the hyperlink to see for yourself).  If that doesn't inspire your support then Commander Colby DEMANDS you see "The Cove".  Open your eyes and bear it.  Its important.

The Cove:

For some truly crazy shit, click HERE.  Approach with caution (and a sense of humor).

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