Friday, April 29, 2011


Hmm.  I'd rather sit at the tip.  

Thanks to TakeCharge Dad for submitting this photo of the royal wedding seating chart.


  1. I'd rather sit on Harry's throne. Sigh, those redheads...

  2. I agree - Harry is certainly a hot-looking bad boy, and most likely to have had sex with some of his mates. William seems so shy, and what is with his major hair loss? He now has less hair than any man in his family, except Prince Philip (who turns 90 this year), and William is not even 29 years old! Is he worried about ascending to the throne? Too bad. Let's hope Kate never dumps him, otherwise, he's only going to attract shallow gold-diggers.

    Colby, I've sung at Westminster Abbey: a one-day gig in 1991; for an entire week in 1995. (We did the beloved Anglican Church service of Evensong, which is something like Vespers in the Catholic Church.) I just visited the Abbey again in 2006. I can tell you that if you were in "the tip", you wouldn't have been able to see anything, because you would have been in the Lady Chapel of Henry VII (1457-1509), which is behind the Shrine of Edward the Confessor (1003-1066), which is behind the High Altar. It's a lovely chapel, and has what is arguably the most beautiful Gothic fan vaulting in England, but you wouldn't have been able to see a "bleeding" thing, as the Brits would say!

    Have you been to England or Europe, Colby?

    Randal in Kansas City