Friday, April 15, 2011


Ever had the urge to change genders mid-fuck?  Or desperately needed objective proof to finally gauge your orgasm aptitude?  Operating under the rubric "Don't hate the media, become the media", Italian gamers design fun interactive games that challenge norms and promote political activism.  

In addition to games like "Operation Pedopriest" and "McVideogame" (where you learn to operate your own fast food franchise from the industrial farm all the way up the chain of command to the corporate board), the clever programers at Molle Industria have designed a video-game that lets you test your skillz at faking your way through sex, the "Orgasm Simulator" (pictured above), and a special video-game designed for all of us two-spirited boys and girls out there (and every gender designation in-between):  "Queer Power: Welcome to Queerland" where a spontaneous sex change or two will help bring your partner to orgasm (and deliver your genderfuck genitals to victory).  

To learn more about Molle Industria's operating principals, check out this brief review by hacktivist Alessandro Ludovico: "Video-game Rules as Political Activism". 

A special thank you to avid gamer and former goat farmer Kenny for sending along a fun list of online games to keep me distracted and for helping me test my orgasm skillz. :-)

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  1. "Goat farmer" is hands down the hottest two-word phrase ever to appear on this blog.