Thursday, April 28, 2011


From BSD reader Bernard Welt's Golden Boys of Long Ago blog series. . .

Love this drawing.  Does anyone know the artist?


  1. By a weird coincidence, the 9th and final installment of Golden Boys appeared at Dennis Cooper's blog yesterday:

    Golden Boys

    To "curate" the series, I went through thousands of porn mag images from the '70s and really just chose those that seemed to come at porn from the perpendicular, like, not exactly follow the conventions. Unfortunately, most of the images are entirely uncredited, like this one. It reminds me a little of those great photos by Peter Hujar of a guy sitting with a hard-on, clearly mulling something over. The combination of aroused and contemplative is really, really interesting.

  2. I believe that the artist is "Blade".

  3. I'd be surprised if it was Blade, mainly because he signed things prominently but also because the modeling looks crude. But it turns out there's someplace you can check: at
    there's an email address for a dealer who knows all about Blade.