Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Think capitalism would make a good musical?  Rodgers and Hammerstein score the next big "bubble"?  Julie Andrews as a vivacious young Bernie Madoff?  Goldman Sachs bankers high kicking their stock tickers down another great recession, from Wall Street to Broadway?  Capitalism certainly doesn't make a good film (the original "Wall Street" aside).  "Atlas Shrugged" may just be the worst thing my unfortunate eyes have witnessed since "Two Girls, One Cup". 

On a recent trip to Alexandria, VA, however, I had an genuinely enjoyable experience turning my rudderless consumption into sweet, sweet music-- the kind of music only a barcode scanner and a shelf full of cheese whip and aspirin can produce.  The results weren't as immediate as I might like (and one of my scanners was busted) but I liked the idea.  Credit to the artists Lindsay Hawks, Peter Lee and Alex Straub for throwing five minutes of recreational consumer shenanigans my way.  In the wacked-out, dystopian corporate fantasy land that is suburban DC a little art-smart-amusement is always welcome. 

Fuck Broadway.  I'll wait for the album to drop.  

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