Monday, May 23, 2011


Colby on the top of IM Pei's Monument to the Unborn in Providence, RI.  Yeah, you heard me right.
CRAY-ZAY.  Don't get too excited, I promote a woman's right to choose what goes in her body and what comes out.


  1. Oh, Colby - I am trying to do everything I can not to be negative. I guess Pei has to pay the bills like everyone else. Oh man.

    Your pal in Chicago,


  2. Colby you were in Providence and I didn't know?!? I would give anything to meet you (and not because you're in adult films cuz I've never seen one of your movies) because you're a fellow artist and you're AWESOME!!

  3. I ahve seen his films and that alone would be enough, but. . . when you add in smart, funny, artistic as all hell, AND gorgeous!!! Well now, that's what I call husband material!

    And I agree, Jason . . .he is AWESOME!

  4. Abortion is nothing more than sanctioned murder. To think about it any other way is to not understand the sanctity of life. Make a baby... have a baby... give it to someone who wants a baby. It is after all in nine months a baby. Never forget that fact. Babies deserve better. If you are blessed with one, respect that life, put yours on hold and allow another to give it the life you are unable to provide through choice or circumstance. All life is sacred and that is not a religious statement.

    By the way. That is perhaps the worst I.M. Pei I've ever seen. As a monument what does this hideous cone symbolize? A brick cone which appears to be a fountain base in the middle of an ugly plaza even by 70's standards is not a fitting memorial for anything. The unborn deserve better.