Monday, May 9, 2011


The Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington International Airport offers a lot more than you might imagine.  In addition to an aviation museum, the airport boast a 12.5 mile paved "nature" trail.  On a recent hike, I came across the Anne Arundel County Historical Society, situated on one of the last remaining local farmsteads.  The area's other large farms were gobbled up by the newly inaugurated "Friendship Airport" in the 1940s.  Near the 100+ year old farmhouse, I found this great corn-crib, the perfect plein air cottage to fill Colby's summer lovin' vacation fantasies.

If the lack of indoor plumbing scares you, fear not.  You'll discover a three seater outhouse right around the corner (imagine bumping butts with mom and dad on the toilet). 

I also discovered an authentic "Prince Albert in a can" can and took lots of bad atmospheric pics of future Keller vacation properties.  Enjoy them as much as I enjoyed my hike around the airport.  


  1. OMG, Colby... I've been a big fan of your since your SC days... and I just moved to Maryland last week... and I follow you on twitter... DO YOU REALLY LIVE THIS FRIGGIN' CLOSE TO ME?!

  2. I sond't...don'ts know why those shadks would be so hrobble. to live inl. decipher. But not eye...and*laughs*