Sunday, May 1, 2011


The BSD "Hunks with Hair" Award of the Year goes to writer, director and star of the new feature film "Heartbeats" ("Les amours imaginaires") Xavier Dolan.  After slogging through a week of bad flicks (among them "Atlas Shrugged, Part One"-- most possibly the worst movie I have ever seen), I can happily attest to pouring out of "Heartbeats" with a smile on my face, a skip to my walk and a new found crush.

While it's probably never a good idea to sum up the plot of a movie in one sentence (two hipsters-- one gay, one straight-- fall in love with a disinterested, ambiguous boy), "Heartbeats" will leave your heart beating faster, if not for Xavier himself and his glorious pompadour.  A master of slo-mo cinematic interjections (half the movie feels like a painting), Xavier has created quite the beautiful film.  Embracing the hipster triumvirate of good music, vintage clothes, and luxurious, transgressive hair, "Heartbeats" can, at times, feel like an incongruously sophisticated commercial for Goodwill.  It certainly put the thrift bug in me.  And that is never a bad thing.

Lets face it, a lot of gay themed film is actually pretty hard to watch.  This film is good.  And its beautiful.  And it has a beautiful, talented young gay director to boot.  See it!

Check out the preview:


  1. I LOVED this movie too. It's brilliant. So glad to hear you have a similar fondness for it and nice to see you promote it here as well. :)

  2. Hey Colby -- great to hear you liked the movie. You should also check out his first film "J'ai tué ma mère" -- also very good. In fact, I liked it even more than this one.

    Michel in Montreal

  3. You only just watched this now??!?
    What kind of a hipster-friendly person are you, Colby? :P

    Anyway, Xavier Dolan is a VERY vain director and this works wonderfully for his new movie, which is like an analysis on ill-conceived crushes based on how we superficially view our crush instead of how he actually is.

    The scenes with the two hipsters trying to win that boy's love by "liking" the same music or films as him and attracting his attention with vintage cloths are very telling, almost as if Dolan is poking fun on himself.

  4. I would really really REALLY like watch a video of Xavier doing his hair in the morning (or whenever it is he wakes up)??? I can only imagine how many MB that clip would be.

  5. Where is this playing, Colby? I knew it was on DVD in Canada already. Anxious to see it!

  6. "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" anyone?