Sunday, May 8, 2011


Nothing sounds dirtier and tastes better than a fresh kumquat delicately stuffed with foie gras.  On a recent trip to SF, I had the sheer pleasure to grace the restaurant of famed celebrity chef Michael Mina.  Without a doubt, this was the fanciest meal I've ever encountered in my life.  I felt like I was breaking the law just by sitting at the table without better socks on.  We even had 6 waiters, one for every item brought to the table!  Best part, I didn't even have to pay!!!! 

To make us "feel at home", they even served a complimentary pre-appetizer starter: a grilled cheese sandwich (with prosciutto) and teacup of soup (pureed asparagus with infused fuckideeflip foam someshit).  Despite the loud grumbling protestations of my inner class-warrior, my tummy has never felt more welcome.  Now if I could only turn six figures (seven, thank you inflation!) and afford my own meals . . . 


  1. So jealous! We deserve nice things every once in a while. Now back to my lentils, salmon and greens so I can stay skinny while I'm poor.

  2. Sounds delicious. Glad you we're able to enjoy such a special meal. Nom nom.

  3. Colby you always say you are soooo make me feel so bad for you ! I must come to Baltimore and take you out for martinis and dinner!