Saturday, May 28, 2011


If only I could grow my own fur coat and spend half the year hibernating, than I might just consider moving to Chicago.  I haven't been to a city in the United States with better food or more awe inspiring architecture.  New York's skyline is just too crowded; San Francisco spends half the day shrouded in fog.  LA is well, LA.  If only it weren't so damn cold, Chicky-dicky-go would be perfect.  Thankfully, there is a new queer magazine to warm my loins.  Starting this June, grab a copy of Chicago IRL.  IRL stands for "In Real Life".  Don't be embarrased, I had to ask too.  Just in case your loins get a little too warm (Chicago can also get pretty damn sticky in the Summertime), you can purchase your own handmade lace jockstrap for only 40 Shytown Simoleons.  Cool your culo (and cock) Chicago style: 

Photographer and masturbator Brandon C. Tobin

Joseph Varisco, creative editor (obviously!)

A drawing of recent Florida transplant Dane Hallmark

Andy Siharath (maker of said lace jockstraps)


  1. Oh, baby, I have a warm, snug place for you if you decide to make the move.

    I grew up in NY, lived in San Diego, and San Francisco (not LA 'cause it's kinda gross). Chicago won me over.

    I wish you'd have come to IML. Love you, Colby!

  2. The first picture of Andy is actually a picture of Joe Varisco possibly taken by Andy.

  3. Chicago is completely worth it.