Monday, May 16, 2011


Several of you wrote in this week panicked with worry: Did the Russian mafia take a hit out on poor ole' Cobly after the abrupt removal of a recent post about DC Capitals star hockey play Alexander Semin?!?

Rest assured that neither mafioso nor a mob of mafia-like lawyers provoked the sudden disappearance.  Blogger simply had a glitch that day.  The hosting site for BSD removed several of my posts and sent them to the draft bin by accident.  Due to the overwhelming response Mr. Semin and his pendulous low-hangers summoned from concerned readers, I've republished the post for your enjoyment HERE.

Two other posts from Tuesday also found their way to the draft bin.  You can read about my recent lecture at the Corcoran "Inside the Porn Actor's Studio" HERE and see pics from "Friend of Colby" Bobby's art studio, "Inside the Artist's Studio", also deleted, HERE

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